Quiz - correct answer released - control how long

Hi, new to d2l looking for few answers please:
1) Quiz was made with auto publish 'on' and 2 answer result display rules. First, student see their grade and incorrect answer withouth the correct answer. Second, 2 days later they see all questions and answers and feedback (this was my 2 day grace period for special access late student to do the quiz after others withouth others having full quiz correct answers. Here is my question: How do we control how long the result display goes (not talking about limite time after submission). Im guessing that as long as the Quiz main Toggle Hidden/Available button is "Available tht students will be able to see the full result display - is this correct? If so then if i wish to hide all quizzes before a midterm quiz then toggling them all off is the way (to ensure all quizzes arent side to side with exam midterm) (i know the lockdown browser)

2) Is there a way we can change the settings so that d2l do not grade Written Answer at all and show an icon in grade center that some questions needs to be manually marked? I find 2dl to be creating student anxiety by default grading Written Answer as ZEROS 'till we grade them. Not 'auto-publishing' i found isnt great either as any student wants to see how they did on a quiz after submission...