Grade item(s) missing

When I put restrictions (via the Intelligent Agent) on an Assignment folder, a student can only submit to Assignment Folder #2 once the teacher marks Assignment Folder #1.

Why can the student not see the Grade item for Assignment 2 on the Grades page?

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  • Christopher.R.215
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    Yes, it is Release Conditions. It was put on the Assignment #2. When I go to the Grades page, the Release Condition is automatically attached to the Grade item - which I do not want. I wish for the students to see the whole Grades page right from the beginning of the class.

    See attached.
  • Andrea.M.553
    Andrea.M.553 Posts: 48
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    The syncing of Assignment Release Conditions to Grade items is a configuration within your Brightspace site that your admin can change. This is a site-wide configuration, so this would be changed for every course. I suggest you contact your LMS Admin to see if this change would be possible at your institution.