How do I set up a course?

New to Brightspace. Need help setting up a course.


  • Julie.L.295

    Hi @Connie.F.123,

    Welcome to Brightspace!

    Because each Brightspace instance can be set up uniquely at each institution, as an Instructor in Higher Ed, I recommend contacting your Brightspace Administrator at your institution first - they may already have details on how to set up courses in your instance of Brightspace.

    Next, depending on what you need to do, I'd recommend reviewing the Instructor Documentation here: Higher Ed Instructor Documentation - scroll down on the left navigation panel to find all the documentation on the different functionality higher ed instructors typically can do.

    Lastly, if you're looking to dive deep into the functionality Brightspace offers, visit the Learning Centre (under Resources) and check out our Brightspace Guided Training course for Instructors.

    Happy learning!