How do I write a formula for Compound interest in a quiz on D2L using the arithmetic option?

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I have tried a few attempts...I think I am not doing something correctly with the exponent part of the formula? Any thoughts would help greatly thanks!

Here is the ne I was trying



  • Sangeetha.T.629

    Hi @Steve.M.765 ,

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    The Graphical Equation Editor is a Javascript-based application within the HTML Editor tool that enables users to add graphical, chemistry, MathML, and LaTeX equations to their content. The editor provides the necessary elements to construct equations quickly and easily. Each button in the editor tool bar opens a palette of related mathematical symbols. When equations are inserted into the HTML Editor, you can see the equations inline while editing your work. You can insert equations by typing them into the HTML Editor.

    Please find more details on how to use Graphical Equation Editor -