Why are announcements showing to learners when the release conditions are NOT met?

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For some reason this one course we have had issues with announcements showing in error.

We have 2 conditions that should BOTH be met before this announcement shows however it's showing to students who have passed. Is there something we are missing? Several of us have looked it over and checked the quiz also and found nothing. We have currently turned it off all together due to this issue but it is important that we have this working.

Any assistance would be appreciated thank you!


  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Mandy.W.176 Hi Mandy, what are the release conditions on the announcement? Is it set to "All conditions must be met"? Are there multiple attempts allowed on the quiz? Once a release condition is met, it stays met, so it could be something like: students did not initially pass, the announcement was released, and then they did pass on another attempt, but the announcement has already been released and will not be un-released.

  • Mandy.W.176
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    Sorry i had attached an image but I guess it's not showing, Yes it's set to "All conditions must be met" and there are 2 attempts allowed on the quiz. So it should not be releasing unless they have failed both attempts but is.

  • Hi @Mandy.W.176 ,

    Thanks for updating further information on the thread.

    We might need to check the specific announcement settings with release conditions and settings of quizzes to find what is actually causing the behavior. Will it be possible for you to raise a support case with us to check further on this.



  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Mandy.W.176 What are the two release conditions?

  • Mandy.W.176
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    @Sangeetha.T.629 I can try to see if that's possible on monday here.

    @Jennifer.W.973 The two are as follows

    To access this item, users must satisfy

    All conditions must be met

    Completes 2 attempt(s) on the quiz: EM 01

    Receives less than 70 % on the quiz: EM 01

  • Hello @Mandy.W.176,

    Were the announcement conditions changed anytime during the users accessing the quiz? Is it possible that the students may have already met the conditions before they were changed?

    Thank you,

  • Mandy.W.176
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    @Rusha.S.831 nothing was changed during the access, we only tried to make changes after the announcement was being given to them in error. Sorry yesterday was an insane monday there haha