Student Module Selection

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Is there a way to allow students to create a course of study by selecting modules and have them added to a calender? We have a list of 30 modules were student choose 8 in a year, these then map to 2 per term.


  • Jennifer.B.472

    I'm not entirely sure if this would work for your scenario, but I saw something similar in a D2L blog called Brightspace Tips and Tricks: Making the Most of Release Conditions. The demo was about using checklist items as the release conditions for different projects that students could self-select. If you add a release condition to the module that is based on selecting a particular item from the checklist, then the module should (in theory) appear whenever a student selects that choice from the checklist. And if the module has dates, then I would think that those dates would appear on the calendar once the module is released to the student.