Is there a way to connect Discussions with Assessments?

sarah.p.153 Posts: 4 🌱
I would like to connect Discussions with the Assignments tab somehow. I typically assign Discussion boards as low-stakes writing assignments and would like to have a Due Date (not an end date) that would allow for late submissions as well as the option to have the Discussion Post assignment show up under the Assignments tab in the nav bar. Is that possible? I do see that it shows up under the 'Work To Do' tile on the course homepage.
Any suggestions for workarounds?

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  • Alex.V.58
    Alex.V.58 Posts: 138 admin
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    Hi Sarah, thanks for reaching out. Currently, Discussions are only able to have an End Date, and not a Due Date. We had similar interest in a suggestion to add Due Dates to Discussions here in our Product Idea Exchange. I'd encourage you to vote and comment on that suggestion!

    Our Product Idea Exchange is also somewhere you can add your own product suggestions, such as adding Discussions under the Assignments tab.