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Learn how we are incorporating your ideas and feedback to improve Brightspace for everyone. Learn more about the PIE platform through the Baking a Better PIE article.



  • Lester.H.954
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    While grading an assessment, please allow the instructor to "Retract All" feedback at any point. Currently each and every student (even those who did not submit anything) must have feedback Published before the "Retract All" button appears. This seems like an unnecessary limitation.

    I would like to be able to preview grade statistics (with the assessment hidden) as grading progresses (not only at the end). To see Grade Statistics, I understand that I must Publish the grades, but there is no way to "Retract All" unless all students have been given feedback.
  • Christine.G.925
    It would be wonderful if D2L would create a group student peer evaluation. For e.g., the instructor could create groups within the course; group members could submit their evaluation of how their peers did; and the average participation mark would be recorded in the grade book for each student.
  • Pamela.J.598
    Please allow the instructor to extend the deadline for creating discussion forum posts for individual learners. This is an ADA issues for students with learning accommodations that require them to be provided extra time.
  • Natalie.C.238
    Natalie.C.238 Posts: 2 🔍
    As an instructor, it would be helpful to have the option of adding a "pause" button for quizzes for student accommodation purposes, rather than the default option to add time to the quiz at the end. The pause button could be customized so that the student cannot use it repeatedly (e.g., the total extra time available could be set to 15 minutes, and the student can use the button up to three times during the quiz). The pause button could be made available only to students with an approved accommodation.
  • Justin.A.924
    Justin.A.924 Posts: 3 🌱

    I would love for it to be possible on notification emails for Quizzes to include the grade also in the email so I don't have to look it up in the LMS every time?

    We do a lot of placement tests, and this would save a lot of time.

  • Nicole.D.635
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    Prior to new SLATE updates instructors were able to see student names on the top right-hand corner of the screen when they were completed online tests/quizzes. Their names appeared next to the time remaining counter, and it was really quite nice to have as it helped instructors to reinforce names with faces while assisting during tests/quizzes, we have many students in a day and it's really nice to be able to have another avenue to learn names. Thank you!
  • Lex.B.959
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    I'm interested in a couple of features.

    One-click rubric grading - one click selects all the criteria in a column at once. But then individual rows can be re-graded/adjusted as needed rather than the current setup where each criteria row needs to be individually clicked. I don't even want to do the math on how many clicks I endure in semester to grade all assignments across all of my courses.

    Annoucements where instructor have the ability to allow comments or not. Sometimes students may want to ask questions or interact with course announcements.

    Assignment comments should be able to be threaded. Students often ask questions in the comments when assignments are submitted. If I respond and have additional questions, there should be an option for us to engage in a conversation about their work within the assignment.

    Thank you!

  • Scott.S.142
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    Could you make the profile pictures bigger? They are so small it doesn't do a good job of allowing instructors to learn student's faces. Also, students who take a selfie often have to lower the quality to get it in the small file size requirement. There is no need to have it be that small anymore.

  • Mike.B.559
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    @Naomi.K.444 I visited the link in your post:

    It invites people to share their input in the "comments below". Unfortunately, comments are not enabled for the post.

    Here is some of the text from the page:

    What do you think?

    Having absorbed these changes, we ask two things from you. First, we’d love your feedback on these changes in the comments below. Second, we’d like to get a sense of where the current process isn’t effective; where good ideas somehow don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve. If you can think of a PIE submission not currently in the top 10 that you think is worthy of greater attention, please link to it in the comments below. Most importantly, share why this recommendation is important to you. Collectively, your feedback and PIE highlights will help us in the ongoing process of making PIE more effective — for you and for D2L.

    My top-line response re the PIE is that there are MANY well-reasoned, well-supported, and innovative ideas on the PIE, some dating back as far as a decade, on which there has been zero or negligible forward movement. This is not encouraging.

    Re specific issues, my biggest concern is the archaic and limiting nature of available quiz question types and the onerous workflows required to create them. These shortcomings are laid out in my PIE item (D9656) and in Joseph Verble's (D6377). The ideas are not new. Requests for more innovative question types date back to 2013.

    Re the "Baking a Better PIE" post, it looks as if you're on the right track in terms of improving the platform overall. Planned improvements certainly reflect some of the problems I regularly experience with the current system. For instance:

    (1) use more concrete language and avoid using the passive voice wherever possible. This is especially visible in the old PIE "Status Definitions." For instance, what does this actually mean:

    "Ideas in Gathering Feedback are not committed to being developed and may move into any downstream status depending on the outcome of the research by the Product Manager."

    * I notice that a new and updated version of this definition is now in the works, but as far as I can see, the current status definition page still has these old definitions on it.

    (2) add dates to each PIE item that indicate when status changes occurred. I posted this as a PIE item (D10445).

    (3) figure out a different way to acknowledge the receipt of new ideas. After seeing it so many times, repeated use of the following sentence begins to feel disingenuous:

    "Hi [NAME], thanks for your idea. We will let you know if it goes into planning."

    (4) on a related note, I would like to see more timely engagement from the team monitoring the PIE. I repeatedly asked moderators to add a list of "linked submissions" to my PIE item. No responses despite tagging specific D2L individuals.

  • Sarah.R.253
    Sarah.R.253 Posts: 2 🔍
    Rubrics: Can Brightspace expand rubric options? Specifically, I would like to use percentages in the analytic rubric tool. It would also be great to have a sliding tool for displaying this percentage (rather than me needing to go in and make 100 boxes).
  • Stefanie.B.518
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    There's some wonderful feedback being offered in this discussion but want to help ensure that it's connected to existing PIE items/product teams working on new features.

    For this reason, I'm going to close this discussion- but would encourage each of our posters to keep posting your feature requests to PIE.

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