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Learn how we are incorporating your ideas and feedback to improve Brightspace for everyone. Learn more about the PIE platform through the Baking a Better PIE article.


  • Lester.H.954
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    While grading an assessment, please allow the instructor to "Retract All" feedback at any point. Currently each and every student (even those who did not submit anything) must have feedback Published before the "Retract All" button appears. This seems like an unnecessary limitation.

    I would like to be able to preview grade statistics (with the assessment hidden) as grading progresses (not only at the end). To see Grade Statistics, I understand that I must Publish the grades, but there is no way to "Retract All" unless all students have been given feedback.
  • It would be wonderful if D2L would create a group student peer evaluation. For e.g., the instructor could create groups within the course; group members could submit their evaluation of how their peers did; and the average participation mark would be recorded in the grade book for each student.
  • Pamela.J.598
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    Please allow the instructor to extend the deadline for creating discussion forum posts for individual learners. This is an ADA issues for students with learning accommodations that require them to be provided extra time.