Development time with Creator+

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Hello! I'm curious to know from those using Creator+ how much it has decreased your development time. Can you share your thoughts on estimated instructional design hours needed for one hour of scorm content using a previous development tool you may have used like Articulate Storyline versus one hour of Creator+ developed content?


  • Paul.B.394

    Hi Heather, great question! Internally at D2L our limited testing showed around 20% lower development time using Creator+ right after the launch so it might be better now. Recently one of our clients analyzed their development time using Creator+ and, good news, they also found it decreased ~25% (see the link below). Of course there are lots of variables in course development so results will vary. You mentioned Storyline which is one of the tools we've used in the past so I'd love to hear the difference there as well. One of the reasons why to use Creator+ is the tools are supposed to be easy to use compared to traditional methods of course development, we are happy they're helping!

    Here is the article describing more findings: