Quizzes - quiz due date or end date is 2 days away

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Hi all,

I've submitted a ticket with D2L Support because a student didn't receive a notification for a quiz when the open window for the quiz was less than 48 hours. According to D2L this is expected behaviour. In order for a notification to be sent for students who select 'Quizzes - quiz due date or end date is 2 days away' in their notification settings, the quiz must be open for 48 hours or more.

I find this highly problematic as the whole point of notifications is to alert students to upcoming due/end dates regardless of the window of time the quiz is open for. Can anyone recommend a way in BS or Pulse for a student to get this type of notification regardless of the open window time for a quiz?

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    Hi Saafi @EdTech.G.660,

    You could look into setting up an Intelligent Agent, where students can be notified on a defined frequency if they have not completed an attempt for that quiz. The below article and steps would get you started with setting up an IA in your applicable courses:

    1. Here is an article that walks through the details to set-up an intelligent agent
    2. You would define the schedule/frequency the agent runs on where the start and end dates for the agent can align with the quiz dates.
    3. For the agent's criteria, you would create a release condition "No completed quiz attempt" so that the criteria only notifies students that have not completed an attempt on that quiz
    4. Specify the action the agent should take, which in this case is an email where you can tailor the message that goes out to students that meet the criteria.

    Some other suggestions are:

    • To post an annoucement about the quiz, where you can then include a Quicklink to direct students to the quiz. A notification for this announcement would go out to students that have the 'Announcements - new announcement available' notification selected
    • To leverage the Work to Do widget which can be added to a course homepage to show students activities with upcoming due/end dates. If you have permission to customize the course homepage you may add the widget, or get in contact with your Brightspace system administrator about making the change.
    • That the notification you are referring to 'Quizzes - quiz due date or end date is 2 days away' can have the number of days adjusted by a Brightspace system admin through the configuration variable d2l.Tools.Quizzing.ApproachingEndDateThreshold. For instance, if the preference is to notify students 1 day away (24 hrs) rather than the default of 2 days. Note this would be a system wide change (applies to all courses), not on a course by course basis.

    Thanks, Jacqueline.

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    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thank you for very much for your response!

    I will discuss these options with the rest of my team.

    Have a good day,