Dual languages for a single course

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We offer students the ability to complete one of our courses in one of two languages, but we have to manage this as two separate courses in the system. Is there any way to combine these so we simply manage a single course, but students can select a language at the beginning, or better yet, toggle between the two during the course?
We also have to ensure that any corrections to our course materials is simultaneously updated in both "courses"


  • Bruce.B.64

    Hi Paul;

    Some options exist if you are using Java Script to identify the user's current language preference (Not D2L Supported option from Stack overflow) that you may be able to extract their browser preference. This is a bit more technical and would require some developer involvement.

    Once you've extracted the browser language preferred settings, you can then use that to show/hide the specific characteristics within the same document or widget. This would put all the content in a single document and would be relatively invisible to the user but require developer involvement. Keep in mind content has a maximum character count of 2 million characters (Visible/hidden).

    For a less developer-focused method: You could have an award for learners who could define their preference if they wanted a specific language. If they prefer a different language (e.g., Spanish), you could present Spanish content (in the same course) using that award. If no preference is outlined, you could have it show the default language (e.g. English).

    Based on their language settings, this could then be given at a course/course level (rather than an all/nothing approach).

    How you could do this:

    • Create a quiz or survey with their language preference
    • Issue an award based on their previous language preference
    • In the content tool - use release conditions
      • This requires both sets of content in the course offering - one behind a release condition that would identify they prefer Spanish content or English content.

    This would help remove barriers in this manner; for other tools such as assignments, quizzes, and discussions, you may need to get a bit more involved, but see if this will at least get you started on your journey.

    D2L also offers language packages that can be installed into your Brightspace instance (for the Brightspace interface - not content), and if you speak with your Customer Success Manager and/or Client Sales executive, they can provide more details.

    Kind regards - Bruce