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How do I see a student's answers in a quiz?

Marlis.E.390 Posts: 3 🔍
edited November 2023 in K-12
Hello, a parent just told me that some of the questions on a math quiz were not covered in the course material, so when I went to check on the questions and answers that the student put in, it shows two attempts, but it doesn't show the actual questions that the student was given. Is there a way to see this? Thank you in advance.


  • Ricardo.S.110

    Hi @Marlis.E.390

    Thanks for reaching us through the Brightspace Community.

    Please let me know if I got this right, but you can look into your students' attempts (questions and answers) from the "users" tab when you select "Grade" for the desired quiz:

    - Go to "Quizzes" tool
    - Click the dropdown menu right next to the desired quiz
    - Select "Grade"

    -Then, under the "users" tab, click on the desired Attempt from a student and you will be able to see the quiz questions and their answers.

    Please let me know if this helps.

  • Whitney.W.754
    Whitney.W.754 Posts: 78
    edited December 2023

    Hi @Marlis.E.390 - just popping in to remind you that you also have access to Discussion creation/question asking in our BC Educators K-12 group of which you are a member. I, along with the rest of the province's Brightspace users, would be thrilled to help answer your questions in our private forum with BC Ed. perspective - if anything of the sort bubbles to the surface for you! Thank you and wonderful to see you here 😊