Can I set course access end dates for individual learners?

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I'm setting up supported distance learning courses for different subjects and teachers which learners join at different times and have access for just 6 months.

When I register learners to a course, is there a way to control the course end dates for individual learners that I assign to a course because learners on the course start at different times and have therefore different end dates 6 months later?

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  • Gabriel.T.493

    Hi @Debbie.T.406.

    Unfortunately, the courses themselves don't allow for timed access for users, as of now.

    However, one solution that you could explore is setting an Intelligent Agent with a release condition to unenroll the user in the following manner:

    Then, for the action of the Intelligent Agent, the user would be unenrolled from the current Org Unit:

    Thus, the user would be unenrolled by the Intelligent Agent after a set amount of days, effectively losing access to the course.

    Hope this helps.