Using Intelligent Agents for Group Enrolment

Hi all! πŸ˜€

I'm trying to use an Intelligent Agent to enrol students into a group within the course if they meet particular requirements. However, I am receiving an error saying 'Role in course is required'.

Here's a screenshot of the error:

Unfortunately there aren't any options in the 'Role in course' drop down item for me to select. Screenshot:

Has anyone encountered this before, is there something I'm missing or is this a broken feature?

Any advice is very much appreciated! I need to split ~2,000 students into one of two groups and, other than using Intelligent Agents, I can't see a way to do this without having to manually enroll them individually.

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  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Alec

    The roles you see in the Role in course dropdown are driven by your role permissions.

    For the roles you want to see in this list:

    • Select Admin tools
    • Select Roles and permissions
    • Select {role name}
    • Select Edit Role Interactions from the Actions for {role name} menu
    • Scroll down to Enroll {role name} ensure:
      • tick the required check boxes and the group/course offering levels
      • this is dependant on the otg unit type you want to enroll the user into as selected in the 'Select an Org Unit' step when creating the IA

    Hope that helps!