Can I view all learners' average time spent in a quiz?

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Can I view all learners' average time spent in a quiz?


  • Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for your question! This data point is available in the Quizzes tool to review on a per user basis. To view the average time that a single user spends in a quiz:

    • Navigate to the Quizzes tool and select “Grade” from the dropdown list. (Image 1)
    • Click into any user’s attempt to enter the grading view. (Image 2)
    • When you are viewing user attempt details, you will see “Time Spent”. You can use the arrows in the top right corner to view the “Time Spent” of different users, one at a time. (Image 3)
    • In cases where users have made multiple attempts, Brightspace can also tell you the “Average Time Taken” across multiple attempts for a single user. (Image 4)

    To obtain this data point for a group of users, I would suggest connecting with your administrator to analyze the “Quiz Attempt Duration” Report or “Quiz Attempts” Brightspace Data Set.

    Others have also had the same question as you and I encourage you to submit a vote and/or leave a comment on the Product Idea Exchange (PIE) item here:

    Hope this helps,