Adding a result from a final external exam

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Following a course, we need to add a result from a final external exam for each learner so that the tutor can see the outcome and we can report on results for the class.

What is the best way to do this?



  • Hi @Debbie.T.406! If you mean that the exam was taken outside of Brightspace and you want it added to the gradebook, you can create an item in the gradebook and manually input the exam results. Alternatively, if the results are listed in a spreadsheet, you could import the grades by selecting "Import" from the gradebook. You will then have access to a template csv file that can be uploaded. If the grade item does not yet exist, be sure to select "Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced:

  • Debbie.T.406
    Debbie.T.406 Posts: 11 🔍

    Many thanks Lindsay - this is very helpful.

    What are the fields required for the csv Grades Import file? Sorry I the sample you sent doesn't open up when I click on it.

    Is it possible to upload the results for multiple courses using one spreadsheet provided I add the course code using for example bulk upload?