Way to create a question type in CSV that allows for numeric input with Errors tolerances?

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Has anyone found a way to generate a question with numeric inputs for the students and error tolerances OTHER than using the question editor in D2L/Brightspace?

Either by R, CSV or Python would be great! I have a script to mass generate questions in Python that creates a CSV files and allow for an array of answers (all treated as text) but I feel or hope that there could be a better way (to not have to code '2.10' and '2.1' as both the correct answer, etc.. ?



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    Hi @Leslie_Major@bcit.ca
    I'm not familiar with a way to do that but wanted to offer what I could in the hopes that it may provide another option.

    Recently, D2L released an Integration Hub that allows you to review partner integration tools that you can use with Brightspace. This is a simple search that I did for math based integrations but some tools like MatLab may provide additional options for creating and assessing math and science assessment types according to your needs.

    I noticed that your Community Account doesn't seem to have updated yet to an SSO account. While you don't have to, I would recommend updating your Community account so that you can more easily connect with the Learning Center and PIE

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    Thanks for this, Stephanie! I had a look at MatLab grader.. It's quite interesting.. Two comments:

    1. It's a paid external resource (although amazing) - we would need a site license. Love matlab but I we just want all content hosted on one platform (D2L/brightspace). We have access the HTML templates for interactive questions & H5P for other fancy interactions :) (non-graded activities)..
    2. My colleague just figured out a great workaround for now for question creation.. She used R-exams —> XML code. She posted the solution on GITHUB: https://github.com/amygoldlist/D2L_exams/commit/8f5461dbef266064db411f3f7658943e601dc10f

    I might try a python —> XML code also - will post here if so. It creates questions of the arithmetic type (again - would be AMAZING if there was an option in the csv template for arithmetic type) but this is our best other workaround so far :)