Inputting Exam in Gradebook

Michael.K.225 Posts: 4 🔍
Is there a better way to input an exam grade in Brightspace?
I've delivered a traditional in-person exam (pen and paper) and marked the exam.

What I've done in the past is gone into Brightspace, clicked "Quizzes" and created a quiz, essentially leaving it blank. Once created, I go into Grades and input the marks.

However, the annoying part is that students see that "quiz" as incomplete work that they have not submitted, and I'm constantly getting students asking if they need to submit something.

There must be a better way


  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 242 🌟

    @Michael.K.225 You can just create a grade item for the exam in the grade book and enter grades manually there (so no need for an empty quiz). Or if you do want to use a D2L tool, there is a On paper submission option under Submission Type in Assignments.