Quiz (and Assignment) dates - Set to follow from Due Date

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Something really needs to be done about handling quiz dates. Each semester is slightly different and the pace of lectures may be faster or slower depending on the students. So, it's likely the dates of quizzes & assignments will need to be adjusted. However, EACH TIME I have to adjust a quiz "Due Date", I also have to adjust the "End Date" AND I have to go into the "Evaluation & Feedback" and adjust the date/time that the "Additional view comes into effect:".

The solution: Allow us to specify "End Date" and "additional views" BASED ON THE DUE DATE. This way we can change ONE DATE and TIME and the end date and Solutions will follow. Let us set these to some custom amount of hours after the due date. Maybe I want my quizzes to end 5 hours after the due date/time and then have the solutions post 8 hours after the due date/time. It would make things SO MUCH EASIER. Do this for both quizzes and assignment. I shouldn't have to navigate to multiple submenus and change multiple dates/times any time I want to shift an assignment by a couple days.

Not a day goes by when I use Brightspace that I wonder if the people developing this software actually spoke with anyone with teaching experience.


  • Ricardo.S.110

    Hi @Demetrius.S.985

    Thank you for sharing your idea with us in the Brightspace Community. I could verify that we have a similar feature request posted on Product Idea Exchange (PIE):

    Release quiz data based on the due date (D10765)

    I can also see that you have already commented on it and I assume you have also upvoted it.
    That said, feel free to share the PIE item above with your fellow instructors for them to upvote them as well in order to increase its visibility.

    Alternatively, you may create a new PIE item and describe it to reflect your desired workflow even more accurately.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Demetrius.S.985

    Thanks Ricardo, I thought I had mentioned this somewhere before, but was unable to find my comment in the discussions. I didn't realize I had commented in the PIE and it was separate from the discussions. I'll likely add it there.