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is there an endpoint to get information on course progress (target information in column Content Completed)?

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  • Hello @Sasa.B.287 ,

    We appreciate your contact via our community platform. After reviewing the provided screenshot, you can access the user's completed content by clicking on the "Completed" bar.

    To enhance the understanding of the Class Progress tool, I have attached a Video tutorial and essential Documentation.

    Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us or open a support case.

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    Mohit Bhargav

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    Hi Mohit,

    thanks for writing back. I'm looking for a way to get api call for this information. I know where to find it in D2L, but need help getting this information. We have a lot of courses that have a condition attached to it, and on some courses users don't have the same number of activities to finish. I can find the correct data only in Class Progress and need that info.

    The general idea is for us to send an email using Inteligent Agents when user finishes the course but there is no option Completed course only completed topics. And with some courses having conditionals not all students have the same amount of activities to finish. In one, for example, there are 286 topics that can be finished based on a pretest. If a user finishes all pretest with score over 80% he will have only 56 topics to finish because the condition to other resources is to score less than 80% in one of the pretest.