How to reset a quiz with new set of questions.

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I want to switch the entire quiz (which is divide into 3-4 sections and different question pools) with the another set of quiz (in an Asynchronous module) from the question library without disturbing the current settings of quiz such as question pool, conditions set up for quiz or any special access.



  • Dana.K.940
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    Hi! If I am understanding the question correctly, the best course of action is to copy your quiz, delete the associated questions in the quiz copy, and then add the desired quiz questions. The copy of the quiz will "keep" all of your settings and will allow you to change the quiz questions without impacting the original quiz.

    Steps to follow: go to the quiz tool (in your navbar or Course Admin), click the dropdown menu beside the quiz name you'd like to copy the settings for and select "copy" from the menu, then a copy of the quiz will be open for you to update the quiz questions for.