Is there a way to reopen an already submitted quiz?

Joanna.E.38 Posts: 2 🔍
edited October 2023 in Higher Ed / Postsecondary
An instructor is now allowing students to have more time on a quiz that is already submitted. Am I able to reopen the first attempt of a submitted quiz for a student to be able to continue working and not having to start over from scratch?


  • Alex.V.58
    Alex.V.58 Posts: 139 admin
    edited October 2023

    Hi Joanna, thanks for reaching out to us with this question! Something that might help you here is the ability to Retake incorrect quiz questions in subsequent attempts. The Retake Incorrect Questions Only option allows learners to only retake their incorrectly answered questions from previous quiz attempts. 

    If this isn't quite what you're looking for, or if you have questions, please connect back with me. For future product updates, you can bookmark the Release Notes Discussion so that you are aware of if and when any updates are announced.