Range of points in a rubric


Is it possible to create a range of points using the analytic rubric? I have an instructor who wants the ability to click certain level, but assign points as they see fit within a certain category. Here's a segment of a rubric they're currently using.



20 – 16 


15 - 11 


10 – 6 

Not Met 

5 - 0 

Executive Summary 

Executive summary is well thought out is 1-2 pages in length, and covers all the important elements in the presentation. Furthermore, there is no grammatical errors present.  

Executive summary is somewhat thought out, and covers most important elements in the presentation but there are one to two grammatical errors present. 

Executive summary is not thought out. Little important elements are covered.  

There is no executive summary present.  





  • Hi Yildiz,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on Community.

    The Rubrics currently only support adding a single number for the points in the Levels.

    If the instructor would like to score a student for a specific score then they can add that score value in the overall score section.



  • Todd.W.119
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    The answer above is actually not accurate. Yes, you must assign single digits to the various levels, BUT you can override those scores when you assess. For example, your top category will have a score of 20, but you can override that in the right hand column. You can actually change it to any integer, even outside the range you want, so be careful. So, yes, it does not look like the above, but D2L allows this range of scores. Check out the attached and the "override" in the right hand column.
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    How do I create a range of point rubric