Renewing Award Before Expiry Date



We would like to set our certificate award with an expiry date of 3 years after its been issued. How do we go about having the learner renew their certificate BEFORE the expiry date is reached (Issue and Expiry Dates updates as per date of renewal) ? It seems like reissuing the certificate to the user does not have any impact on updating the Issue or expiry dates.



  • Matt.W.287

    Hi Frédéric

    The Expiry Date is a property of the Certificate itself so the date is absolute and not relative. It is shared among all who receive it so you have two options:

    1. Remove the Expiry (which I doubt is desirable)
    2. Create a new Award with the new Expiry Date set a further year into the future.

    I hope that's helpful

    Learning Administration Manager

  • Frédéric.C.425

    Thanks for the prompt answer Matt, I think creating a new award might be the way to go .

    If I set the expiry to "Relative Time Period After Earning the Award" to 3 Years, woulnd the expiry date be 3 years after the "Issue Date"? That Issue Date would be different for each users, therefore expiry would also be different? That was my understanding