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I need to set Intelligent Agent to send an email when user completes a course 100%. The problem I'm having is that some of my courses have release conditions. For example, I have a course that has 5 modules. First module has 4 pretest quizzes, and other 4 modules are linked to those quizzes. For example, if a user scores below 80% in pretest quiz 1 module 2 would be available, if a user scores below 80% in pretest quiz 2 module 3 would be available, etc. When I set the conditional rules for the Agent there is no option for course completion. There is only content view and individual topics completion. I would need to add all modules as a condition. But the problem is that in this course every student can have different number of activities to finish. This is correctly shown in Class progress (Content Completion Summary). For example, if user finished all quizzes with score above 80% he/she would have finished the course because nothing else would be shown. If student finished 1 quiz under 80% and all other 3 above 80% he/she would have additional module to finish. Again, this is correctly shown in Class progress (Content Completion Summary). Class progress show how many user has finished with how many activities he/she has access to and shows correct percentage.

My question is, how can I set condition for course completion based on the progress as shown in Content Completion Summary?

My second question is how can I get this report (Content Completion Summary)?

In DataHub I have activity completion by user and number of all activities in the course (and this also has a bug because it show empty placeholders as activities to be finished, that are visible only in course builder. They are not deleted and stay there empty when someone deletes a quiz, that was in the course, from the quiz menu). For the second information in the report I would need info how many activities are shown to user instead of all activities that are in the course. The same as the Class progress (Content Completion Summary).

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Sasha

    My recommendation would be to draw a workflow diagram that lays out the learner's path/options. That should highlight what completions are common (and hopefully necessary) for course completion. Using that info you can add any/all topics and activities as needed. *Bear in mind that if you have Completion Tracking turned off in the course you can only use "has visited" conditions in combination with "submitted assignment" and "completed attempt", etc.

    If there's too many solution sets there (which may be the case) then you'll have to rely on something like Competencies or Grades.

    Competencies could be applied to the various activities in your "completion paths" above in a way that you could set the Release Condition on the achievement of the Competency.

    Grades, otherwise, could be integrated into the course's logic in such a way that you could base the Release Conditions on either the Final Grade or a combination of the individual Grade Items (even if learners don't use/see these grades as part of their experience).

    I hope that's helpful. If it helps, you could reach out to your Customer Success Manager for some direct consultation on what is found in the course and what the options are.

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    Hi Matt,

    thanks for the answer. I will look into Competencies. But the thing is, we have over 2000 courses. It. would be near impossible to set the criteria you've mentioned to all of them. Course completion option or progress option would be much easier. 

    Any advice on how to get report similar as Content Completion Summary?

    Sasha Bradic