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A team of eight honors college faculty and staff are participating in the Gardner Institute's Academy on the First Year Experience beginning October 16th. Today we received information that the synchronous course will be available on Brightspace. This is the page that the Gardner Institute sent us regarding how to log into Brightspace: https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/learners-higher-ed-postsecondary#obtain-your-brightspace-credentials. We do not have SSO setuo for this, not do we have the ability to create accounts as we are not a D2L shop. How do we get accounts setup for them?


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    Hi @Shandon.B.987
    My apologies for the late reply.
    While we aren't able to create account in that system I have located some contact information that I'll share with you by direct message to help in your next steps requesting account creation.