What does "completed content" in award criteria mean and how is that different from content visited?

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I am trying to figure out if there is any way to track whether a user has completely watched a video in a course or not. I don't really understand the difference between completed content and content visited when you are talking about a web page with an embedded video link or a video page. Can Brightspace only consider the page completed if the full video is played?


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    Hi Marcia,

    Thank you for reaching us through community.

    Here is the difference between Content Completed v/s Content Visited

    Visited means that they clicked and viewed a topic or link from the Content tool, whereas complete means that they either:

    1. Completed the associated activity when it is set to "automatic completion." This could be visiting an HTML topic, submitting to a dropbox, etc. depending on the topic
    2. Marked the topic as completed using the checkbox when it is set to "manual completion." Students will do this from their browser.



  • Marcia.B.5
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    Thanks. Is there anyway to track that an entire video was played? Or to award a course completion certificate based on total time spent in the course (which we could set to more than the sum total of all video clips at least)?