Due date with no end date for quiz


Surprised by a student submitting a quiz 4 days late for a quiz with a defined start date and due date but no end date set.

Is it necessary to set both due date and end date to the same date if you want the due date to be enforced? Is due date redundant, in this case, and one should set only start and end date?

I did some searching in documentation but while I found a lot of "how to" info about quizzes I didn't find anything specific about how end date and due date behave if one or the other is not given a specific date.



  • Renee.J.194
    Renee.J.194 Posts: 113

    Many of our faculty ONLY use due dates. You can use any 0, 1, 2 3 combination of start, due, and end dates. Due dates are largely information, and work with pulse and some integrations. They cause things to be marked late in Quiz and Assignments, but with no built-in penalty. Start dates begin visibility and/or access; end dates end them.

    If you don't want any late submissions at all, use an end date. It is up to you whether you also want a due date for consistency with practice at your institution.

    Discussions do not have due date. Our instructors put the "Discussion" due date on a content link to the discussion topic.