Placing content at different levels of the layout hierarchy

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Hello everyone,

Are there any drawbacks to placing actual content (text) at the level of the unit or within one unit 'page' itself, rather than in a HTML file that sits within that unit? Similarly for lessons, is the lesson that you create meant to contain the content or is the bulk of the content meant to be made up of HTML files or other documents that are nested within that lesson.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing your opinions and advice 😀


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    Hi Holly,

    Thank you for reaching us through community!

    You can create modules, sub-modules, and topics for your course in the New ( Lessons) and Classic Content experience. You can then add and organize your learning materials within this structure as part of Content.

    You must create a new module before you can add topics. You can also create sub-modules (modules within existing modules) to establish a deeper hierarchy.

    You can add content to a module or sub-module. This content is called a topic. Topics can contain audio-video recordings, uploaded files, text, and JavaScript all displayed in HTML.

    Note: To enhance the security of content files that execute scripts to create extra-rich HTML experiences (such as objects that can execute JavaScript), there is a sandboxing feature that creates a secure iFrame around the HTML file. This allows an HTML file to execute scripts (such as JavaScript) within the iFrame only but will prevent them from executing outside the iframe (against the domain). This enables some flexibility in creating rich content, but reassurance for the security-conscious that end user information remains secure in all situations, such as when learners in specific courses have a special role with permission to create content topics.

    So we recommend to please follow the hierarchy for a better flexibility.

    You can refer below article for more details on how you can create the content items