how do i bring up my draft i saved on a discussion thread?

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I wrote a post on a new thread, saved it to draft. How can I find it now?


  • Andrea.B.236
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    Hi @Maureen.J.820 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community and welcome!

    To view your drafts:

    • Click on your profile picture
    • Select 'Drafts' from the dropdown menu

    It will look like this:

  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 155 admin

    Additionally, @Maureen.J.820 , I want to check in that this the best answer for you!

    Are you looking for a Discussion Draft in this Community site, or are you looking for potential drafts in your Brightspace instance? If this was not the answer you are looking for, my apologies and please let me know!