Text to SMS Service not working for Rogers and Roger owned companies

Hi there,
I'm an admin in Canada. We are noticing that learners who use Rogers, Chatr, Freedom and Fido can no longer receive email to SMS notifications. Does anyone know what is going on? Roger is the parent company of Chatr, Freedom and Fido. Does anyone know if all of these companies stopped offering email to SMS service?


  • Hi Olivia,

    There is currently an outage occurring with Rogers' and Fido's email-to-SMS gateway. D2L makes use of this service to send notifications to end users and so the following functionality will not be working until this issue is resolved by Rogers and Fido:

    • Users would be unable to register their cell phones as a contact method in the LMS because the confirmation code would never arrive. (for users who use Rogers or Fido as their mobile carrier)
    • Instant Notifications for users that have selected "SMS" as their notification method will not be received (for users who use Rogers or Fido as their mobile carrier)

    Rogers has informed us that they are aware of the problem and are working on it, with no ETA.



  • Olivia.T.773
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    Thanks for the info @Bronwen.C.185. Much appreciated. Do you know if this is true for Freedom Mobile and Chatr as well since Rogers is the parent company?

  • Olivia.T.773
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    Did some more digging. Looks like Freedom was sold to Quebecor and they do not offer email to SMS service. Chatr is owned by Rogers so they also do not offer the service. Too bad!