Why are my quiz grades publishing as only a colour code instead of a percentage?

Claudia.C.250 Posts: 4 🔍
I copied by quizzes over from last year and never had this issue. I set them to automatically mark and publish the grade for a student to see immediately. This year, they are not publishing a percentage grade, only a coloured box/dot that is a vague indicator of how well they did (Red/orange=below 70, Yellow=70-80, Green=80-90, and Blue=90-100). I am still able to view their percentage grades in the gradebook for each quiz, but the student view is not showing it.


  • Ricardo.S.110

    Hi @clchan@cbe.ab.ca

    Thank you for reaching us through the Brightspace Community.

    Assuming "Percentage" is the default grade scheme of your course Grade Book, you may want to adjust your student's view by clicking on the "gear" icon in the upper-right corner of your Grade Book:

    Then, go to the "Org Unit Display Options" (See below),

    And select "Grade scheme symbol"

    Finally, save and close

    I hope this is helpful.