How can students view the answer keys for written response questions?

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Hello, all:
I want my students to be able to see the answer keys I use to grade written response questions. How can this be done? Currently, when I use the option to allow students to see "all questions, with correct answers", it says that correct answers cannot be displayed for written response questions.
-Greg Cox


  • Heba.A.271

    Hi @Greg.C.200 ,

    Thank you for reaching Brightspace Community!

    This is an interesting feature, there is a PIE item( D7635) from other clients that had requested the same, I would recommend upvoting on the feature for further consideration from the PDMs.

    Hope this helps !

  • Greg.C.200
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    Thanks for letting me know that Brightspace currently does not have this feature. It is very disappointing to hear, but I will follow your suggestion and upvote the issue so that they will improve this product in the future.

    Update: The link you provided takes me to a login page that is different from the brightspace community, would you please send a link that is accessible?

  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Greg.C.200 Click Product Idea Exchange in the right sidebar and let it log you in on another tab. Then come back here and click on the link in the reply.