Copying Awards/Certificates across courses or other Brightspace instances


The course import/export/copy tool does not support copying Awards. Does anyone know of another way to replicate Awards across courses or to another Brightspace instance without having to manually recreate all of them?



  • Chris.S.534
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    edited September 2023

    Hi Sarah,

    Within the same Brightspace environment Awards can be reused in 2 different ways:

    1. Awards can be 'shared' with other users in other course who are in a role with role permissions required to create them:
      1. When creating/editing an Award under Availability you have 2 options:
        1. Make this award available to all of my courses.
        2. Make this award available to other award creators and their courses.
    2. Using the Import/Export/Copy Components tool > Copy Components from another Org Unit and copy the Award(s) from one course to another.

    These 2 options allow you to share and reuse Awards across courses.

    Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to copy Awards between Brightspace environments using the Import/Export/Copy Components tool when selecting the: Export as Brightspace Package; or Export as Common Cartridge; or Export as Thin Common Cartridge.

    The idea to export course awards as part of a course package is a good one! You should consider submitting it into the Product Idea Exchange for review.

    Hope that helps!

  • Sarah.W.901
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    Thank you, this is helpful!

    It looks like there is already a PIE item (D2707), but sadly it's from 5 years ago.