How do you create a stand alone survey, which is not tied it to a specific course?

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Hello, I am looking to create a survey to go out to our employees regarding a topic that is not course-related. In my search, I found an article on how to set up a survey, but it seems to be related to surveying a course only. Anyway, If possible, could someone please provide me with the path to creating this? Thanks!


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    You can definitely create Surveys outside of a particular course. You can create them at your top organization level and several others in-between that and a course, but you would need the right permissions enabled on your role to be able to do so and the Surveys tool needs to be turned on at the level you want to create one. If you are going to turn some of the permissions on, you may also want to take a look at the permissions you have enabled for Quizzes as well because there's a dependency between the View Quiz Setup permission and creating questions within Surveys.

    Hope that helps!