Customizing unit tabs in Lessons view

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How can I change the colors of the unit tabs in the lessons view?

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  • Heather.K.449
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    Hi Jeffrey! Thank you for your prompt response. In one of my sandbox courses (screenshot from previous post) the units are in different colors. How is that possible in that course but not others, I guess is my question? The theme for that course says " Brightspace default" with one primary "green" color chosen, but it's still showing several colors between the different unit folders. Like a rainbow effect. Is this an older feature?

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    Hi @Heather.K.449

    The rainbow effect that you depicted above is what is used when there is no primary color override and/or no color set.

    To map out which color effect to expect (rainbow or primary color override) can be a bit tricky. There's a bit of an order of operations to work your way back:

    1. identify the active navbar in use by the org unit
    2. determine which theme the active navbar is using
    3. edit the theme that the active navbar is using
    4. take note as to whether a primary color is chosen or if it is using the default

    IF default (Use the default radio button) is chosen, you'd need to inspect what primary color is chosen for the default by following the default link

    IF a color override (Choose colors radio button) is chosen, that is the color you should expect on all Unit folders, with a slightly lighter shade of that same color on all Lesson folders.

    Based on your question, I'm willing to guess the theme applied in your navbar is probably using the default, and more specifically, a default which has no color set.

    Let me know if what I'm describing above clarifies.


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  • Remko.S.95
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    Hi all!

    πŸ™‚ I, too, would really like to change these colors.

    πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Being a visual thinker myself I know how important color-coding can be in communicating the right structure / concepts to students. For some neurotypes (of people, students) it this is more important than for others, but in the end everyone profits from well chosen colors that are aligned throughout a course.

    πŸ€” I can imagine it's impossible to have this functionality being implemented before my course starts in January, so:

    ❓Is there a workaround (CSS?) at this moment?

  • Remko.S.95
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    I wasn't able to comment here when I made a new account, so then I made a new topic:

  • Heather.K.449
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    Thank you, Remko. I appreciate you also adding your feedback. I saw this item added to PIE so I voted on it. You should too :-)

  • Remko.S.95
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    Thanks @Heather.K.449 . I can't seem to login or register there, but thanks.