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is there a way to find out who deactivated the user and is there a way to set automatic deactivation of user after being inactive for specific period of time? The first part of question also relates to can I see specific actions report that user did in session?


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  • Bruce.B.64

    Hi @Sasa.B.287 - When you are saying deactivation - do you mean delete inactive users?

    There is no scheduled job that will deactivate users after a period of time or delete them. These are activities that you'll want to have scheduled from your system of record (e.g.. SIS or HRIS) to do user management; or have your system administrator clean up this information via other tools such as Bulk User Management.

    I'd recommend if this is an important activity reach out to D2L Support and put in a case with more details including the timeframe, and the affected account(s) and they should be able to get your request moving in the right direction.

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  • Sasa.B.287
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    Hi Bruce,

    thank you so much for the response.

    By deactivating user I mean to go into users profile and turning off option Make user active. The correct term would be inactive. Not deleted. It would like to find info on who and when made a user inactive.