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WCLN courses are doubled up

Luc.T.650 Posts: 2 🔍
edited September 2023 in K-12
WCLN courses are doubled up - multiple "unit 1", multiple "unit 2", etc. What are the next steps to fix this issue?


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Luc,

    Without seeing your course, it sounds as though the course content may have been copied into the course shell multiple times when the course was being prepared/created for you.

    • Note: before doing any of the following - create a course backup if possible

    You have a number of options to resolve this issue:

    • If there are learner/students enrolled into the course
      • Contact your institutions Brightspace support team for assistance who can engage with the D2L Support team if necessary
    • Check the Manage Files tool for duplicate copies of the content files, if there are none
      • Navigate to a duplicate module and delete the duplicate Module
      • Note: when prompted select Remove the module and all nested modules and topics from Content but keep all associated files and activities in the course.
      • Check you have deleted the right content
      • Repeat as required
    • If there are no learner/students enrolled into the course (and you have the necessary role permissions) AND you have access to the original course content
      • Do a Course Reset
      • Note: this will delete everything in the course
      • After the Course Reset has run you'll have to re-import all the original content again

    If in doubt always contact the D2L Support team for assistance and they can guide you through the process, and restore any content that should not have been deleted if necessary.

    See https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/6059-how-to-restore-data

    Hope that helps!