Are you able to send a Brightspace Certificate to a mass group of students?

Jocelyn.J.726 Posts: 13 🌱
edited September 2023 in Higher Ed / Postsecondary
I am wondering if you can award/send a certificate to any student at the University? I have an idea to create a specific certificate for a group of students - but need to know if you can award the certificate to certain students and not students just in one course.


  • Gideon.S.714

    Yes. An admin is able to add the Awards tool to the navbar on the main homepage, create certificates, and manually issue them to selected students. Instructors with appropriate permissions will be able to create awards and manually issue them to selected students, as well. Students will be able to see the certificate/award when they access the Awards tool from the homepage or any course AND check the box to include awards from other courses.

    Talk to your customer service representative for information on how to do this and the possible implications of adding the Award tool to the homepage navbar.