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Is it possible to bulk enrol a list of users into a section using a .csv file?


  • Jeffrey.M.844

    Hello @GP Training.L.166

    Users with sufficient permissions for the Bulk User Management tool may use the Enroll command, along with additional qualifying information, to enroll users in bulk via .csv. You'll want to make sure the section code is unique in order to perform the bulk enrollment.

    I hope this helps!


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  • GP Training.L.166

    Thanks Jeffrey. I have used the Admin tools > Users > Bulk User Management to enrol users at the course level. This does not seem to work for Sections even though the enrolment logs report as enrolled. It would be good to find some documentation about this method so that I can figure out the correct process. Please guide me if you know where I can find more information.

    I have now figured out another way to enrol users in sections. This can be done from inside a course via Classlist > Add Participants > Import users from a file on your computer.