What rises to the top of your list when using the Intelligent Agent tool? Top = ONE.

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I've never used this the IA tool and appreciate hearing proven success examples, thanks.


  • Heba.A.271

    Hi @Andy.H.836 ,

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    Intelligent agent is a tool that monitors activity that matches criteria that you set. here are some common use cases for IA ,For example learners:

    • Hasn’t accessed course in 2 weeks
    • Incomplete tasks on a checklist
    • Completed all tasks on a check list
    • Earned 80% or higher on quiz/assignment
    • Failed test
    • Late assignment
    • No posts authored in discussion topic
    • Received a grade/feedback on an assignment
    • Once a learner has reached a topic page in a long course to indicate half way or almost finished 

    Kindly find resource for additional information on the IA

    hope this helps !