Dept Head Role not being reinstated after enrolled, then unenrolled as Univ Instructor

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Most of our department heads are also instructors. One of our department heads was enrolled as an instructor for a course at the beginning of the summer, but another professor took over. The system made the switch, but he lost access to the course, even as a department head. Shouldn't he have defaulted back to department head for the course?


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Adrian,

    I'll make an assumption here the Department Head role is a cascading one. This means when the staff member is enrolled into an upper org unit, such as a Department org unit, they are implicitly given access to all of the child course offerings of that department, without having to be enrolled explicitly into each.

    It's common practice to explicitly enrol a staff memeber into a course offering as an Instructor (or similar) when they have teaching responsibilities. Even though the staff member has a cascading role at the department level, if they are unenrolled at the course level, they dont automatically get implicitly enrolment back into the course if they are unenrolled. I'm assuming the staff member will show as not being enrolled if you were to look at their Enrollments tab in Admin tools > Users > Search {user}

    The options to resolve this are:

    • unenroll the staff member from the Department org unit and enroll them back into it
    • explicitly enrol the staff member back into the course in the Department Head role

    Hope that helps!