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I was wondering if there's any way to bundle courses into 1 course or path, that is accessible to learners to self enroll in?

I understand learning paths can bundle courses, however users need to be manually enrolled in them. I'd be looking for something to bundle multiple courses into one, and allow users to self enroll, without having to duplicate the same courses multiple times?




  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Stephen,

    An approach you could try is outlined below.

    • Create your Learning Path (LP) with the required courses.
    • Create an additional course (LP enrol) used only for the purpose of being visible in Discover.
    • Make this course (LP enrol) discoverable in the Discover tool so that Learners can then self enrol into this course.
    • In the same course (LP enrol) create 2 Intelligent Agents scheduled to run hourly:
      • IA 1 - configured to enrol the Learners in the Classlist (LP enrol) into the Learning Path (LP)
      • IA 2 - configure this to unenrol the Learners from the course (LP enrol) that you have made available in Discover - if they are already enrolled into the Learning Path. This can be achieved using Release conditions on IA 2.

    The idea to make Learning Paths available to the Discover tool is a good one and should be submitted to the Product Idea Exchange.

    Hope that helps!

  • Steve.R.276
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    Hey Chris!

    That is a very innovative solution! So if I understand correctly, create an empty course called 'LP enrol'. Set up an intelligent agent to run every hr, to scan the classist and enrol them into the learning path. The, create another agent to unenroll anyone in the LP enrol course, who is in the learning path.

    Then, people should only be able to see the learning path? Is that correct?

    Also, apart from the 'my learning' widget, is there any other way for learners to see their learning paths?