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I have a faculty member who would like to have two different results displayed to students when they complete their quiz based off which attempt they are on.

On Attempt 1 they would like to see the questions they answered and got correct.

On Attempt 2 they would like to see all questions and show the student the correct answer.

This is so that after the first attempt, the student isn't given the answers but they can determine which ones they got wrong and try again.

Is something like this possible? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Jeffrey.M.844
    Jeffrey.M.844 Posts: 56
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    Hello @Timothy.W.146

    Yes, you can Customize Quiz Results Displays to reveal different information, depending on the attempt #.

    To do this, you'll want to edit the quiz, expand Evaluation & Feedback, then select Customer Quiz Results Displays. From the resultant pop out, select + Additional View, then fill out the form and the relevant restrictions. Finally, repeat this for each attempt you wish to customize a view for.

    Here are some example screenshots of that workflow:

    I hope that helps!


    Learning Administration Manager


  • Timothy.W.146
    Timothy.W.146 Posts: 12 🌱

    Thank you so much for the information! That is exactly what I'm looking for!

    However, I do not see that particular option when trying to adjust the view on my end. Is it some configuration variable that needs to be enabled?

  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 242 🌟

    @Timothy.W.146 Are the attempts on the quiz set to Unlimited? You won't have the Restrict access to this view to: options if you do not select a specific number of attempts instead of Unlimited.

  • Timothy.W.146
    Timothy.W.146 Posts: 12 🌱

    That was it! I think the professor had Unlimited attempts set up, but changing that option to a specific number made the option appear. Thank you so much.