Use cases for Quiz Evaluation settings


I'm not clear on what happens when the various options are checked or not:

If I don't click Auto-publish results, what does that do with the results? Where would I find them? What if I do click "Auto-publish", but NOT "Synchonize..." What would happen then?

Can you describe a use case when the "Auto-publish" option should be checked, but not the "Synchronize…" option?

Thanks for your help!



  • Ricardo.S.110
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    Hello @Caroline.S.720

    Thanks for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    If you do not choose to "auto-publish attempt results upon completion," students will not be able to see their scores after completing their evaluation. You will then have to publish them manually. In regards, to your inquiry as to where their attempts go, you can find them through the following steps:

    • Go to the Quizzes tool
    • Click the down arrow right next to the desired quiz
    • Go to 'Grade'

    You will find your students' attempts saved as drafts, and to publish them, you will select the desired attempts and then click 'Publish':

    If you choose not to synchronize the published results to your course Gradebook, your students' quiz results will not be visible from their Gradebook - students will only be able to see their quiz results if they access the quiz again either from your course Content or the Quizzes tool.

    A use case for this workflow is when instructors would rather address any quiz disputes before making students' scores official on the course Gradebook.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Caroline.S.720
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    Thanks for your response, @Ricardo.S.110!

    It would help me to have a chart with what happens. Can you help me fill this out:

    Auto-publish off

    Auto-publish on

    Sync on

    Sync off

    Student experience

    Instructor experience

    I have attached a word document that may work better.

  • Jennifer.W.973
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    Some instructors don't want auto-publish on if their quizzes contain Written Response questions because those need to be manually graded. If auto-publish is on, then students would get 0s for those Written Response questions and their grades would appear lower until the instructor graded those questions.

  • Ricardo.S.110
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    Hi @Caroline.S.720

    @Jennifer.W.973 has a great point. If your quiz has written response questions, then you will want to have auto-publish off because those questions are supposed to be manually graded.

    So, I have tried my best to fill out the student/instructor experience chart. But before elaborating on the following scenarios, I want to remind you that once students finish a quiz, they can see their quiz results by revisiting it (either from the Quizzes tool itself or the Content section in which the quiz can be accessed from). In addition, they can also see their quiz results by going to the course Gradebook, if syncing is enabled.

    1. Students can't see their quiz results by revisiting the Quiz.
    2. Students can see their quiz results by revisiting the quiz or through the course's Gradebook.
    3. Students can only see their quiz results by revisiting the quiz (from the Quizzes tool or the content topic the quiz is located in your course Content area). Students cannot see the quiz results from the course Gradebook tool.
    4. By keeping auto-publish off, the instructor can review their students' quizzes before publishing the results. There could be written responses that the instructor needs to mark before publishing the quiz results, for instance.
    5. If a quiz does not have written responses to be marked, or the instructor does not need to review the quiz before publishing it, they can just set it to auto-publish (auto-publish on). By doing that, the instructor makes the quiz results available to students when they revisit the quiz. In addition, since "sync" is on, the instructor is also making the quiz results available from the course Gradebook. Students will be able to see it by looking at the Grade Item corresponding to the said quiz.
    6. If auto-publish is on + sync off, Instructors are making the quiz available to students, but only if students revisit the quiz. Students will not be able to see their results from the Gradebook - even if there is a Grade item corresponding to the quiz, it will not be populated with your students' scores.

    I hope this makes sense, and please let me know if I can clarify this further.

  • Caroline.S.720
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    Wow - this is perfect! Exactly what I need. Thanks!