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I am uploading an updated version of the syllabus as a pdf file, however when I view the document it shows the old version. What am I doing wrong?
thank you

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    Hello @Zuzanna.F.655

    This may be something that warrants further investigation by the D2L helpdesk (along with additional details to be shared).

    However, to confirm: have you attempted clearing cache and reattempting? If that still fails, you could attempt removing the syllabus file from Manage Files , which is typically the location in which content files are stored. After you remove it from there, try uploading again, and reattempt (again clearing cache).

    If that fails, I would recommend opening a case with the D2L helpdesk. If your organization subscribes to End User Support, instructors can are typically enabled with instructions or a workflow for engaging end user support. Otherwise, if your organization does not subscribe to end user support, you will want to contact one of your organization's Approved Support Contacts (ASC), who can engage the Admin Support team using instructions noted in Approved Support Contacts: Create a Case or Service Request

    I hope that helps!


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  • Zuzanna.F.655
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    Thank you so much Jeffrey!

  • audreyw@siu.edu
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    I'm experiencing the same issue. I delete (permanently delete item from content and the associated file), then upload a file with the same file name. It shows the old version. The work around is to change the file name. But it seems Permanent Delete should take care of it without having to clear cache.