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is there a way to set up quiz defaults so that these specific options load every time I create a new quiz?


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  • Johnny.B.962


    Unfortunately there aren't many options for setting default settings on Quizzes at the moment. However, if you do have a complex set of quiz settings you'd like to easily reuse, there is a way you can do it. When on the Quizzes page/tool, if you select the Context menu/arrow beside the name of a quiz, you'll find an option to Copy. Selecting this option will duplicate the quiz and all it's settings. If you had any questions in there, those would be copied into the new quiz as well. In this way you could create a "template quiz" of sorts that doesn't include any questions and has all the settings you want, select to Copy it when you are ready to create a new quiz and then add your questions into it.

    Hope that helps!