Use intelligent agents to encourage completion of a course


Can anyone help me out? We have a 3 part course, where learners achieve 3 badges (one for each part of the course) then a final certificate. A badge is issued using release conditions when they meet the pass mark for each of the 3 assessments. Then a certificate is issued when they have passed all 3 assessments (using the grades tool). As we have a lot of users on this course, I would like to use intelligent agents to send an email only to users who have completed either 1 or 2 parts of the course to encourage them to go back and finish it. We are having trouble finding a Condition Type that works, as our need is based on what a user has not done, but the intelligent agents are about what the user has done. Has anyone managed to do something similar to this? 😀


  • Ian.P.710

    Not sure if this will work but as you are using grades to release the awards. Then I would suggest the IA condition Type No grade received. then select the first assessment Grade item then select any condition must be met and repeat for the other 2 grade items.
    The catch is timing as the condition is immediately true for any new user as they would not have done any assignments so a Course Activity of the user has accessed the course during the past x days and say run it each week or month.

  • Rachel.E.633
    Rachel.E.633 Posts: 4 🌱

    That's great Ian. I shall give that a try. Thank for you reply. 😁