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does anybody have experience on how to create adaptable conditions where the set conditions set to show some resource adapt and show/hide resource with the last users score. For example, if a user finishes the quiz Q1 with a score less than 60% then the quiz Q2 is show. If a user takes the Q1 quiz again and scores more than 60%, the quiz Q2 is hidden and the quiz Q3 is show. The same would happen if user takes the Q1 again for the third time and scores less than 60% (Q2 would be shown and the Q3 wold be hidden). The problem with the existing Release Condition is that once the users met the requirements it can't change back.

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    Hi Sasa,

    Thank you for contacting us through Community.

    As of now, once a condition is met by a user, it cannot be reverted back.

    We appreciate your feedback and have identified this as a feature request. I have found an existing PIE idea for similar request : D6709 . As you deem appropriate, kindly leave your comments and promote this idea.

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    We look forward to hearing from you at the Product Idea Exchange!

    Thank you