How do I make a use inactive when course is completed?

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I have done the D2L rollover training course AND attended a webinar on rollover and still no one can answer my question. I work in an asynchronous program and I have a student who has completed a course and wants it off his dashboard. Is there a way to make him 'inactive' or unenrol him withOUT losing his data? Seems like this is pretty standard practice with asynchronous schools, but no one has been able to answer me.



  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Stacey,
    You can make students inactive but only at the Org level. If doing so, the student will no longer be able to login to Brightspace. If you unenroll a student at the course level their data is not deleted, this may be an option for you. The course will definitely disappear from the stduents view. However the data they have generated such as: assignment submissions; quiz attempts; grades; and so forth will not be accessible/available in the 'regular' way through the Brightspace UI. The exception to this is the student discussion topic/forum contributions, these are still visible to ensure the context of related contributions remains intact. The student enrollment and grades data is still available via the Classlist tool > Enrolment Statistics > Select the individual user to see their Grades. Other students data is still available in the Brightspace DataSets.
    Hope this helps!